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Master Hans Eric Bristol, Founder of M.N.S.S.

Just Some Of His Achievements

4th degree Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate, 2nd degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, Black Sash in Shaolin Hai-San Kung-Fu, Trained 10 years in Modified Roman Pankration, Trained 3 years in Savate

Trained 4 years at The Neughatel Magician’s Theater Institute, 3 year apprentice of Lance Shuller

Winner of the 1990 Swiss National Full-Contact Competition, Winner of the 1996 and 1998 National Agenda Superbrawl Tournament (No-Holds-Barred Competition), Winner of the 1999 Scandinavian International Brawl (Bare-Knuckle Competition),

Featured in September 1994 Issue of “El Budoka Magazine,” Featured in March 1995 Issue of "Grand Master Magazine,” Featured in January 1997 Issue of “Fighting Arts Magazine,”

Born 37 years ago in Switzerland, Hans Eric Bristol started his martial arts training at the age of four. By the age of 10, Hans Eric Bristol became fascinated with the art of magic which lead him to be accepted into the highly acclaimed Neughatel Magician’s Theater Institute in Lausanne. The combination of martial arts and magic molded him into developing one of the most deadly self-defense systems known.

“One thing I found out while training to be a magician is that magicians are highly deceptive, perceptive, and agile individuals. They perform amazingly complex sleight-of- hand movements with cards and other instruments that would mystify the audience into thinking he is some sort of sorcerer.” --Master Hans Eric Bristol

What is M.N.S.S.?

The Magician’s Network Self-Denfense System (M.N.S.S.) is a revolutionary fighting system that is brutal, lethal, deceptive and effective. In more than 8 years in the making, Master Hans Eric Bristol combined all his years of martial arts training with the art of magic, to create a system that’s not only scientific, logical, and practical but has been proven to be effective on the streets.

The Art of Deception

Sleight-of-hand techniques have always been used by magicians in everything from card tricks to death-defying escape acts. These sleight-of-hand movements are now incorporated into deadly use in street combat.

An M.N.S.S. practitioner confronts an oncoming attacker. The attacker throws a right punch. The practitioner, while doing a flicking motion with his left hand, simultaneously blocks the punch. The attacker, so distracted by the flicking motion of the left hand, didn’t even know where the block came from. The practitioner, with his blocking arm, quickly does a waving motion toward the corner of the attacker’s left eye. The attacker then realizes another individual has snuck up behind him and has applied a rear choke hold from the back. Looking slightly to the side, the attacker realizes that it’s not another individual, but it is the same M.N.S.S. practitioner that he was confronting who had vanished in front of him and re-appeared directly in back of him. Before he can fully fathom what has happened, he is choked into submission.

No, it’s not magic or sorcery. Master Hans Eric Bristol has applied the concepts of the “blind side,” “visual redirection,” and “peripheral evasion” into the street fighting. M.N.S.S. will teach you the secret arts of mind trickery and response-reaction predictions which will allow you to control your opponent's every move.

The Deadly Art of Palming

“Palming” is the term used by magicians to describe holding an object in the hand without others knowing it. You can “palm” an egg by holding it with only the palm. From the front of the hand it seems that the hand is completely empty, but from the back (palm-side) the hand is securely clutching an egg without anyone knowing it. M.N.S.S. uses "palming" to conceal lethal weapons. The opponent only realizes that the M.N.S.S. practitioner is holding a weapon when it is too late

The attacker lunges forward with a baseball bat. The M.N.S.S. practitioner puts his right hand forward toward the attacker’s chest, beckoning him to stop. A knife suddenly appears in the hand that the attacker thought was empty, and the knife quickly plunges into the attacker’s chest at close range. The attacker didn’t have enough time to react.

M.N.S.S.’s palming techniques are the deadliest weapons technique I have ever seen. It uses one of the most important attribute when using a weapon....the element of surprise!” -- Colonel Vonnes Mcmillan, Swiss Special Forces.

Defense Against Armed Assailants

In February 19,1996, at the Vonshe Mall in Hilterfingen, Switzerland, Master Bristol and his students conducted a demonstration. Master Bristol asked for a volunteer from the audience. He asked the volunteer to take a gun filled with rapid fire paint balls and shoot him. The volunteer took the gun and was ready to fire. Master Bristol quickly flicked at the volunteers wrist. The volunteer proceeded to pull the trigger. Then he realized that there was no trigger. He was now holding a banana rather than a gun. Even the audience didn’t know what happened, but when they did, they bursted out in laughter and amazement. In a blink of an eye, Master Bristol had switched the volunteer’s gun with the banana, and the volunteer didn’t even know it.

”Such techniques use by magicians to perform tricks such as steal someone’s watch or wallet in front of a live audience are implemented into many of M.N.S.S.'s fighting secrets. With these gun removal tactics, any of my students would be able to remove a gun that's aim at their heads from an assailant, and they'll do it at speeds so blinding, no one will be able to stop them. “--Master Hans Eric Bristol

Learn to Escape Any Grappler’s Submission Hold

In June 9, 1997, several grapplers appeared at Master Hans Bristol school in Osten, Switzerland. Master Bristol issued a challenge to several of the best grapplers in the area to put on any submission hold on him, and he would be able to get out of it. 11 men showed up with the Osten Daily News at hand. The first man, a local judo expert, asked Master Bristol to get on the ground. He did, and the judo expert applied a strong rear chokehold to Master Bristol’s neck. The choke was locked and he was sure Master Bristol would tap out, but Master Bristol quickly slipped out of it. The judo expert was amazed. The second man, was a hand-to-hand combat trainer from the Winberg Police Academy. He applied a standing armlock. The hold was locked on. There was no way Master Bristol can get out of it, everyone thought. Master Bristol slipped out of it, and the police trainer tried to hold on to his arm again, but was never able to get a firm grasp. One by one, all the men tested Master Bristol's skills, and he managed to slip out every submission hold that was applied on him.

”He (Master Bristol) was like a slippery fish. There was no way I can hold on to him.”--Tomas Shurrman, Judo Expert (Osten Daily News)

The scientific concept in getting out of ANY submission hold is what Master Bristol calls the “Kinetic Tension-Relaxation Principle.” Magician’s worldwide use this principle to perform escape acts like escaping from a straight jacket, freeing themselves from steel chains securely locked around their arms and legs, or squeezing between metal bars of a cage. Master Bristol have revolutionized the world of submission grappling by implementing this same principle into the art of fighting.


The Secret Of Levitation Revealed

Master Bristol has studied 10 years in "Ban'Ligueli," the Turkish/Indian art of levitation. It's not done by wires. It's not an illusion. It really can be done. There is no "metaphysical force" involved. Master Bristol has went behind the misticism to show you the SCIENTIFIC principles behind elevating your body off the ground.

Master Bristol during private meditation have elevated himself 2 inches off the ground for more than 1 minute. The practice involves a complex method of lightening the body weight and ultilizes other physical forces which can clearly be explained through science to allow the person to momentarily "float" on air. In his course, Master Bristol demonstrates several effective and lethal attack manuevers using levitation.

The Magician’s Secret

The effectiveness of any fighting art depends on its secrets being concealed from the general public. M.N.S.S. practitioners, like professional magicians, have a code to follow, a “magician’s code,” if you will. Students are encouraged to not widely demonstrate their art to the public. Circulation of technical details concerning our style is kept at a minimal. Teaching of actual techniques and principles must only be given to accepted students who will take an oath of secrecy. Like a magic performance, the effectiveness of this fighting art hinges on it's anonymity. In the last 7 years, Master Bristol has established four European branches and have recently established an American branch in San Bernardino, California.

Home Study Program

Master Bristol is now offering a limited number of students world-wide a home study course equipped with the same vigor and intensity as an in-school course. The home study course will offer a monthly video teaching program that will gear the student into earning a Black Belt in M.N.S.S. Please subscribe to the newsletter for more information.

M.N.S.S. Newsletter Subscription

News And Update

Master Bristol challenges Rickson Gracie. The following was sent to The Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy, 1951 West Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90501 on 9/4/00

Dear Rickson Gracie and the Gracie family,

My name is Hans Eric Bristol. I am founder of the Magician’s Network Self-Defense System of street combat. Though I am not well-known in the United States, I am well-known among the martial arts community in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. I’m writing to issue a challenge to Rickson Gracie. I am not unfamiliar to no-holds-barred matches since I have enter in several of them throughout Europe. I have won two of these competitions. I do not enter these tournaments as frequently as other fighters to preserve the secrecy of my style of combat. The more an individual demonstrates his fighting secrets in public, the more the system becomes ineffective since the secrets have become exposed for others to produce ways to counter them. In regards to my system, I have tried to be as low key as possible, demonstrating it only to a limited audience.

To prove my skills, I have enclosed with this letter copies of certification of my ability throughout the years as a martial artist. I hope they will be sufficient. Enclosed is also a contract written by me, and revised and edited by my lawyer. My name is already signed on the contract. The contract describes the provisions of my match with Rickson Gracie. The match will be a private match conducted at the Gracie’s own Jiujitsu academy in Torrance, California. I do not want a televised no-holds-barred match for the reasons I have stated before. I want North Americans to acknowledge the awesome efficiency of the style of M.N.S.S., but at the same time, I do not wish the expose it’s secrets to the general public. However, at least one magazine reporter from such publications like “Black Belt Magazine” is allowed to be at the challenge. With your connections, I believe you can arrange to have several of them be there. However, no video cameras or any type of filming or photography is allowed at the match.

What you will get in return for granting me this challenge is monentary compensation if Rickson is the winner. In the contract, I have agreed to pay 10,500 dollars to a third party. If I do not defeat Rickson Gracie in 30 seconds or less by a knockout or a tap out, then the Gracies family is to be paid the 10,500 dollars. Keep in mind, I may beat Rickson, but if I don’t defeat him in 30 seconds or less then the Gracies get the money. If I do defeat Rickson Gracie in less than 30 seconds, then nothing shall be paid to me. As you can see, there is nothing for you to lose. I have provided plenty of incentives for you to accept this challenge. Please reply promptly with a response.

Sincerely, Master Hans Eric Bristol, Founder of M.N.S.S.

Please revisit this website for updates for this event.

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